Ahhh, Those ‘Baby’s Firsts’ !

FF Freedom’s Artist – dob 1/25/2012

In the middle of all the chaos and excitement going on while preparing for our two Cow/Calf pairs to arrive – Our intended Herd Sire – FF Freedom’s Artist – woke up this morning to yet – one more surprise full of confusion that he – unknowingly – will figure out with time.

We had a pretty good storm last night – enough to clear the air quite well.

I headed out to get photos of the two boys eating hay this morning – as they seem to have picked up on consuming much more over the past week.

We have a prevailing south wind that flows over our property from side to side. There was just a really nice – calm – cool breeze that passed over on occasion.

” What is that over yonder? “

And it caught Artist’s attention this morning – like none other since mid April of this year – when he arrived here.

I began shaking my head and grinning. ( Mom gets to catch another ‘first’! )

” Heyyyyyyyyyy!! “

And I got lucky!

He’s too young to even know they’re all the ‘Strictly Tall Dairy’ kind!

He was hollering back – every time he heard one of these girls – from all the way over there.

And he didn’t shut up for almost 2 hours!

Looks like we’re gonna have to adjust the Honey-Do list.

Neighbors says the fence is over 20 years old.

The fence dividing our place from our neighbor is gonna need to be replaced with the woven wire before I can feel safe enough about putting Artist over in that paddock again.

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