The Mix – Boys, Girls, Men, Ladies!

With less than 30 days to go before the arrival of The Moms and Babies we have – pretty much – figured out how we’re going to situate everyone. We’ll need to give everyone time for adjusting to new surroundings – new acquaintences – new owners.

Dwayne and I are – to be perfectly honest – green as goose poop when it comes to these cattle. But I think 70% of the success lies within the willingness to reach the goal by doing a thorough job on behalf of these animals that will depend on us with their lives.

The remaining portion includes all the help you can seek from others with experience under their belts. To help us with that end – I have joined a couple of Groups online. We’ve been fortunate to receive loads of support with our puzzle. And I think we can do this transition without anybody losing an eyeball or half their hide!

” FF Freedom’s Artist ” born 1/25/2012

Artist is now 7 months old. His hormones are kicking in hard and furious right now. We have ladies coming that – may or may not – be pregnant. As a woman – my natural consideration was this… ” What’s this young buck gonna think about being around ladies pregnant with some other guy’s kid? ” And being female – I’m gonna stand up for the women. Of course. It’s just the natural thing. Ya’ know?

Remember now – ” green as goose poop. ”

FF Bruce Almighty – born 11/03/2011

( Steers are just so much easier in this dream. )

PF Patriot’s Heifer Calf born 4/1/2012

At the same time – we have a new Heifer Calf that won’t be old enough for breeding until she’s 11 months – at the very earliest. However – it’s been recommended to hold out until she’s 15 months. We want nothing but the best for our cows. So the number here is gonna be 15.

PF Patriot’s Cora’s Red Bull Calf born 3/31/201

And then – we have a new Bull Calf that will already be 6 months old when he arrives.

Dexter Bulls mature much sooner than all the standard breeds of cattle. They’re known to become fertile around 5 – 6 months of age.

Now – everybody has their choice. Others may feel differently. But as for the two of us – we just don’t think we’re up to the worst case scenario of consequences that could arise from trying to assume we can turn Artist and this new Bull Calf into Buds.

Don’t think that would happen. Artist is already trying to lure for claim on the herd of Dairy Cows down then up the hill and across the road! If we give him a couple ladies – that boy is not gonna share!

PF Patriot’s Cora born 5/4/2010

Besides – That would be a genetic catastrophe! Cora and the new Bull Calf are sister and brother.

Anyway – much to our amazement – we were informed that we can – pretty much – relax.

We have a small window. But we have just enough time. Get everybody settled – relaxed and acquainted ( mediated by fence lines ) – first. Get The Babies weaned. Put Artist with The Girls. Split The Babies up.

We’ll introduce the Heifer Calf into the paddock with Artist after she becomes old enough.

PF Patriot born 5/26/2008

If The Girls are pregnant when they get here – no problem. If they’re not – well – we’re gonna let Artist figure that one out!

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