Shopping – YES!!

We went shopping today! I love Shopping – just like any female!

Oh. But. This wasn’t the kind of Shopping most females enjoy.

This was my kind of shopping! ( And she’s sittin’ at her desk… Bobble headin’. )

We went shopping for fencing materials – to jazz up the paddock and have it ready before the Moms and Babies get here.

Sierra 47″ x 330′ 13-Gauge Sierra Field Fence

I love this stuff! Best place to get it right now is by clicking right here! And yes – you can now click – order online – and go pick it up at your local Lowe’s store!

6′ Green T-Post with Plate

We got 15 of these 6′ fence T-posts at Lowes for $3.99 each. ( click here. ) There are few others hanging around here – if we need more.

1 1/2″ EG Fence Staples

These will be used for securing the field fence to the round corner posts.

Already had a bag loaded with packages of these clamps. There are 30 to a pack – available at any Co-Op in East Tennessee – for sure. We use 3 to each T-post for securing the field fencing.

Dwayne picked up a slew of these – along with more wire. ( I forgot to ask how many he bought. )

They’ll take care of making the brackets for reinforcing corner posts.

And by some outrageous – magical miracle…

Black Austrian Pine

This was found in the back cab of the truck when we got home!

I ain’t sayin’ nuthin’. Except this.

It’s an Austrian Black Pine that’s supposed to grow 60′ tall and…

40′ wide???

Pretty good for fittin’ in the king cab of the truck – huh! But…

What acre am I gonna plant this monster on?


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2 Responses to Shopping – YES!!

  1. I grew up on a mixed (but mostly cattle) farm in the plains of Canada (Saskatchewan – right north of North Dakota and Montana), so your blog is a bit of a taste of my childhood. and I love the scrapbook pages on your profile page.


    • Thank you for your kind words! My scrapbook pages are my ‘ rainy day ‘ sanity savers. But lately – I’ve been almost begging for the rainy days, just to have an excuse. As you can see… the rain around here has been very sparse. And that usually means… winter will be loaded with snow. Of course. LOL


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