Never Think Your Fencing Is Ever Finished!

This is part of the area where Artist and his Herd will be residing. It’s wide open at this time. But we have plans for planting more shade trees in the very near future.

The Moms and Babies will be put here when they arrive. We’ll keep Artist separated in the other paddock – where they can all be safe from any harm until everyone becomes acquainted with each other.

The babies haven’t been weaned yet. They’ll both be almost 5 months when they arrive. Dexter Bulls become fertile around 5 to 7 months of age – much earlier than Bulls in standard-size breeds.

Dexter Heifers become able to breed around 11 months; However – it’s always wise to allow a Dexter Heifer to hold off breeding until she reaches 15 to 16 months – for the benefit of her health and longevity. A good foundation in health can bring a Dexter Heifer a good 20 years – or so – of productive life.

For these reasons – we’ve decided to allow the Moms and Babies to get settled in before we wean. We’ll be using the Quiet Wean Nose tags on the Babies – allowing them to remain with their mothers until they’re no longer nursing. This practice has proven to cut a great deal amount of stress on the calves. Once they’re weaned – we’ll separate them into their own areas. And Artist will be brought in to join the Ladies.

The Herd will have a couple of areas that will provide really good shade. Artist and Bruce have found they like this area the best – because of the area under the Cedars. There is an awesome cool breeze that comes filtered through during the hot summer days.

We’ll be extending fencing between the RV pad and the Barn before the Moms and Babies arrive. The Barn provides wonderful shade in the morning! The RV pad takes a turn in the afternoons. We open the doors to the barn when we have temps reach 90’s in the summer – allowing the cows to rest in there when they wish. There will be times when we’ll allow access for cows due to deliver.

Work began on the fence line for this area for Artist and his Herd during this last round of days off. Dwayne began tearing out the old fencing – followed by pulling all the posts out for resetting.

This clay soil can be a pain. The auger wasn’t getting us past an average of 19 inches in several of the post holes. Our neighbor behind us came over to help. Coaxing with a pressure bar got us down to the 24 inch mark we wanted for secure posts.

At the end of this day – after several delays and snags – 15 posts were in the ground!

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