Calendars and ‘ Cow Wonders ‘

I’ve always been that kind of person that can handle knowing even the very worst of circumstances. It’s the – not knowing anything yet – that drives me bonkers.

I’m known to be a ‘ problem solver ‘ – one that can improvise a fix in that split-second of any “ Uh-Ohhh… ” moment. The one that thinks ahead – five miles away from everyone else – all the way to the light at the end of that tunnel.

The one that falls apart after crisis averted. Yeah. I know. Haven’t figured out how to resolve that one yet – other than grabbing my step stool – so I can reach the closest wine glass – and a bottle of Riesling.

” 1000 lbs.! Really? Can’t wait ’til I get there, Mama! “

I’m no longer a ‘ People Pleaser ‘ by reputation. However – any 1000 lb. Bovine may feel perfectly at home dropping a pile or pissing a pond in whichever fenced-in spot they choose on this 10 acres – in my book. I only wear a 6.5 shoe size.

And I’ve already had one life’s experience face down in a foot of slushy mud that sucked my waders off my feet – while the steer kept moving on – looking back at me – laughing – of course.

The Breeder/Owners took the Moms and Babies in for their Vet care for obtaining Health Certificates required by State of Tennessee for every sort of entry across the state borders.

While they were at it – a few other issues were dealt with – as well.  As any livestock owner learns – you make that list and get the Vet to knock it out – whenever you call on them for care!

There are no such things as ‘ co-pays ‘ when it comes to a visit with a Veterinarian. And the cost for the visit is more if the Vet has to make the trip out to your place.  If you’re able to haul your ‘ Lovely 4-Leggeds ‘ to your Vet – by all means – great decision!

For Dwayne and I – being Freshmen in this class – and Green as Goose Poop – our first full year of healthcare regimen – pregnancies – breeding – annual immunizations – and so forth – with an entire Herd count of any sort will be depending on one of our local Vets – or a handful of them.

We’re told it’s best to keep phone numbers for numerous Vets posted in the barn. You never know when 1 may not be available. And then again – it may even be the first 4 that won’t be available. Ya’ know?!

And by the time you find yourself waiting on #5 – make sure you’ve got a red Solo cup and a chilled bottle of White Riesling ready and more than willing to become good friends.

( If it happens to be 3:30am – I recommend the Tennessee Red Muscadine from Tennessee Valley Winery. )  Trust me.  Coffee will only have you pulling your hair out.  The wine will counter-act what the cow is trying to put you through – enough to leave you wide awake – but calm.  There just may even be room for a bit of a sense of humor by the time the Vet shows up. ;P

Finding out whether – or not – PF Little Big Man got lucky enough with Patty and Cora has been one of those little quirks in the game plan. We were doing the best we can with trying to combine ‘ temporary fixes ‘ with the more favorable permanent set-ups for how we wanted to get everyone situated here.

Trying to figure out the ‘ bedroom situation ‘ here for all these 4-Legged Lovelies has included consideration of special events planned – which include dates.

The Calendar is very important when it comes to cows. It’s not like making a batch of cookies. All cows do not come out of the oven at the same time. Thank God – they don’t all come out of the same oven – as well. Otherwise – I would not want to be one of the Ladies!

In the process of preparing for our new arrivals – Artist has become more intense while becoming acquainted with all his raging hormones. I’m taking the risk of assuming he’s become quite proud of the new sound he’s found since losing his ‘ Baby Moo ‘ – only because he just won’t shut up.

Due to the Drought that had the summer temps in the triple digits around the midwest – there was concern over impact on sperm count for PF Little Big Man. Success with his exposure to The Ladies was a bit up in the air.

Timing would have become delayed – but we felt secure in knowing we had our back door covered – just in case. There is no doubt – Artist would have been more than willing to take on that First Initiation!

But either way – pregnant or not pregnant – could have sent us going in one direction – or another – depending on ‘ what is ‘ when The Ladies arrive.

We received an email from the Owner/Breeder this past Thursday evening.

PF Patriot is confirmed 2 months pregnant!

PF Patriot’s Cora is confirmed 50 days pregnant!

Both calves expected to drop end of April and first of May for 2013!

Now we REALLY get to go nuts.

Black – Red – or Dun? Bull or Heifer?

Oh. My. Word.

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