Transporting Problem Solving

Preparing for transporting our 2 Cow/Calf Pairs met up with a snag earlier this week. We were hit with an unknowing surprise that Co-Op will not rent trailers for crossing over state borders – due to insurance issues.

It’s been a bit of a panic. Buying our first cattle trailer has been set on our list to come next – after managing to get the Moms and Babies home.  In fact – we were hoping to wait until next spring.

Borrowing a trailer seems to be a very lean possibility for anyone. We’re told most people prefer not to loan – or even rent out – their trailers because of insurance policy restrictions.

Contacting livestock transport contractors – out of the question. Unless you’re moving high numbers of cattle – it’s not even worth the expense.

Here’s how we fixed our dilemma.

2013 Calico brand 16′ Stock Trailer in ‘ Pueblo Gold ‘

We decided to take our Financial Integrity to Maryville, TN !!

Ohhhh, yyyyeaaah.  The ladies will be ridin’ home in a clean bedroom on wheels.  Ha!

We have mats for the floor – already.  They should be pretty cozy!

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