9 Days to Go!!

Taking his frustration out on the Cattle Rub. ” Smart answer, Artist! “

Artist is growing into his Manhood – fortunate to have a creative sense of thinking for finding – just about anything – to help him burn off the frustration!

But there ya’ go. If ya’ need to give anybody Hell… Tick off the flies!

The reins for the ‘ Joy Ride Anxiety Wagon ‘ are having to sit beside me – by the minute! We have only 9 Days left before the Moms and Babies arrive! And we’re winding down on the list.

The hardest part this go-round has been the borrowed Auger.

We’re folks that return borrowed items in the same or better condition they’re in when we use them. In this case – there were issues with a part. Dwayne replaced it. And nothing comes easy when time is precious.

But we chew through – determined to win! And we’re winning!

Come Spring season, 2013 – there will be a new Auger on this property.  😉

The area between the barn and RV pad is now mapped out. 10 cedar posts have been planted – even with some hand-digging with the post-hole digger to compensate for the lacking of the worn-out Auger. All the brace posts and wire bracing are up.

T-Posts have been placed in between cedar posts for further support of the field fencing. We’ll be installing the woven field fence after we return from a run to Sweetwater this morning.

Our local Co-Op didn’t have both of the 4′ pasture gates we needed in stock. So we’re headed to Sweetwater this morning – after making a phone call to check on their availability. We’ll also be picking up another feed bunker and water trough.

Becky sent more photos! These are the latest. My level of excitement goes up another 10 notches every time she sends more of these moments! But these photos were all about perspective on the size of the Babies!

Becky informed me that she is not much taller than me – 5′ 1.5″ to be exact. Both of us have that 1/2″ in common – which can never be taken for granted. Ya’ need every half inch you can claim when they construct top kitchen cabinets and so many other things in life high enough that you have to own a collection of step stools!

I was so amazed to see this shot of April during training. She looks so calm and disciplined – curious and eager for her next command! She’s gonna be an awesome little lady!

And then I got to see Killian. Wow! Absolutely adorable! He is so much more tinier than Artist was at this age!

I think Becky’s gonna miss him.

Testing went to U.C. Davis only recently for both calves. But the first time I laid eyes on a photo of Killian – something told me he might be Positive for ChondroDysplasia ( short-legged ). It’s almost positive by the sight of him – today. And I’m perfectly okay with that.

PF Little Big Man

His Daddy is Chondro Positive – as well.

Compare the sizes of April (on the left) and Killian (on the right). April was born only 1 Day After Killian!

We will now have 2 Red Bulls – 1 Chondro negative and 1 Chondro positive ( from what we can tell at this moment. ) I’ve spent time researching bloodlines and comparisons for our own breeding program. And we’re fairly lined up for a good – safe – plan of success for bringing some beautiful animals to the breed!

Artist playing with FF Bruce Almighty.

And thank God – we can look forward to the Ladies redirecting Artist’s attention – and calming him down!

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