Only 8 More Days To Go!

Change is constant – and everywhere. It’s bigger than any of us. It happens. And it never needs our permission.

The effect change has in our lives has an energy that takes two directions – Good and Bad.

But there’s power we have over change.  The right to make choices relative to which direction we wish to let the flow carry us.

Dwayne and I have chosen to go in a good direction of change – with a choice that will nourish our lives in a special way that feels right for us.

Raising Dexter Cattle.

And with that choice comes incredible responsibility – and even more change – and even more choices!


Original remains of the old Tobacco Barn as it was when we purchased our home and property.


Once existed as a Tobacco Barn, one of the piers from the collapsed side of the barn has the date 6-11-1920 that was scribbled into the wet cement before it dried.

This was a huge Change!


Time and the Barn have been met with – yet – another Change!

We are preparing an extension from the other paddock to the barn. This will be the paddock where Artist and his herd will reside. This will allow our Cows to slither away to a very nice and quiet place – when they get ready to deliver the calves they are now expecting next Spring, 2013.

This particular area will offer advantages for handling various other tasks, as well.


We’ll be able to butt up the Squeeze Chute to this gate – allowing us to confine our cattle to this area for running them into the chute when they need care and treatment.


This area has Changed, too.


It is now fenced off – to keep the cattle from the ‘ Hole ‘ we are filling as time marches on. A small pasture gate has been set in for access. Our immediate plans are to use what dirt space does exist there for raised beds – to grow a few fruits and veggies. Maybe some special grain? Who knows!


We won’t be quite finished until mid-October. We’ll be setting in one more fence post with a brace post and brace wire – for a 6′ gate. Until then – we’ve allowed free-flowing access to the cows.

Time Constraints are an issue. We learn to utilize them for everything on our plate. Some things get placed further down on our list to allow us to take care of more pressing tasks needing our attention.

Afterall – we do have a life that maintains interests besides cattle!


Noooo, Silly! There’s LOTS MORE of the paddock to the right!

We have only 8 days left to go! The Moms and Babies will be kept here in this paddock – while Artist and Bruce stay in the right-side paddock until the new additions get a chance to settle in to their new home.

All in all – I think the area will provide a great comfort and convenience for everybody!


And while the Moms and Babies are getting settled in – everybody will have a chance to become familiar with each other through the fence – back by the Three Cedars – before we introduce them all – for their chance to become one big happy family!

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