Meet PF Cora’s Killian !

PF Cora’s Killian

Yes! He is a carrier of the Chondrodysplasia gene.

And he is absolutely – adorable!!

He’s a sweetheart. He’s so gentle. He does have his limits. But in general – he is so easygoing – independent – and carefree!

Killian was born 3-31-2012 and arrived at our place on October 4, 2012 – along with his Mom ( PF Patriot ) and another cow/calf pair ( PF Patriot’s Cora and PF No Foolin’ April ) to enjoy being spoiled absolutely rotten!

His Daddy ( Sire ) is PF Little Big Man.

As of October 9, 2012 –

Killian was measured at 32″ in height. He is 32″ in length from withers to tail. And he is 44″ in length from horns to tail.

We found our options cut short ( no pun intended! ) enough that we decided to go ahead and wean Killian from his mom, a couple days after arriving at our place. He will be sharing the barn with our Heifer calf ( April ) until we finish with the cross-fencing and get the shelters constructed on the opposite side of the barn from where Artist and his herd reside.

I’m always very perceptive and proactive with my ‘ motherly instincts ‘ when it comes to our babies, especially. We tried putting April and Killian in the same stall with each other. And I just wasn’t willing to let the ‘ T-boning ‘ from April go on in such a small confinement. That behavior is a form of ‘ establishing the pecking order ‘ – as I am told.

Little Miss Wanna-Be Diva ( April ) is just a little too young to be taking on such behavior at this time, anyway. So – Killian is now in his own stall.

At the same time – I began seeing his ‘ easygoing charm ‘ becoming much more than I would care to see. Suspected a bit of depression from weaning – moving to a new place – the long trip in the trailer – change in grass and feed… One or the other.  Could be a combination.  Not sure.  But nothing to ignore.

I tried adding electrolytes with milk supplement in his water.  Yeaaaahh….  I don’t even know why they bother suggesting that one. I haven’t seen a calf that does not turn their nose up at that water.

Instead – I began sneaking a dose into his grain. Works like a charm! He’s all spunky and holding his head up to flash his loveable eyes at us, again!

Tried a session of leading on him in the barn alley, yesterday. He was game – for 1 whole round. And then the slow communication began of “ I don’t wanna… ” – supported by progressive showing of his strength.

We changed things into a game. Home base was where Dwayne’s fleece-lined denim shirt ( my favorite to wear! ) hung on the wall. We’d make a full jaunt around the alley and come back to the shirt – where the ‘ mini flakes of alfalfa cubes ‘ were hiding in a pocket!

He was all into that one! After the 4th round – he was leading me! “ C’mon. I want another one!

These are the days that anybody owning a baby bull should soak up – like a sponge soaking up water. They are so much fun. They are so loveable. They eat up the attention – like candy.

And it’s your golden period of time for establishing a personal bond with understanding to form a relationship that he will respect forever – if you play your cards right. Knowing you – being able to depend on you – and trusting you – will be the difference in the world when he becomes ‘ the raging hormonal breeding master ‘ of the pasture.

The time spent with them as babies can fool every one of us. The truth is – things really do change as they step into that world of fertility. That day will come – when you find yourself spending a lot less personal time with them.

And yeah – you’ll feel your heart crying inside – every time you think back to when they were just a baby.

So – take LOTS of pictures!

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