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The Not-So-Easy-Bake Oven

The Matriarch in Artist’s herd ( Don’t let her know that, okay? ) is beginning to look a bit… plump. Pregnancies for both – Patty and Cora are coming along just nicely. But I’m focusing on Miss Patty today. I spent … Continue reading

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When One Finds it Necessary to Move a Cow…

It became necessary to move Cora into the other paddock with Bruce and April.  I’d had my fuse cut by Artist one evening – watching him T-bone her with an attitude and a force of strength I’d never seen before. … Continue reading

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The Year 2012 in Photos

I have a special posting regarding all that Dwayne and I have accomplished for 2012 – which you can find by going HERE! By the time I previewed before publishing… I was stunned. There are piles of photos.  But they … Continue reading

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