When One Finds it Necessary to Move a Cow…

Great for Babies!  Easy to move around with the Tractor-Mower!

Great for Babies! Easy to move around with the Tractor-Mower!

It became necessary to move Cora into the other paddock with Bruce and April.  I’d had my fuse cut by Artist one evening – watching him T-bone her with an attitude and a force of strength I’d never seen before.  Her knees began to bend.  He came very close to knocking her legs out from under her.

Nobody hits my girls like that – especially when they’re carrying babies.  I don’t care who they are.  I don’t care how much I love them.  And whatever his problem with her was that day – it was time for me to step in and fix it.

Making the changes has made a positive difference – with the exeption of Artist pouting and whining on occasion.  But everyone else seems to be much more relaxed – except me.

The portable Hay rack that Dwayne made became an issue over there with Bruce and the girls.  Pregnant girls eat a LOT of hay.  And boys without a pair eat almost as much!

Having only 2 sides to eat hay from creates Hierarchy.

April ended up being run off – 3rd man out.  I had to begin carrying extra flakes of hay over to the feeder bunker.  And I got fed up with carrying hay out there 4 and 5 times per day!


I put my foot down!


We hauled the 3 sections out to the paddock and connected each with the nuts and bolts.  For those that don’t know – this is an Economy Cattle Hay Ring.  Notice all the wide openings at the bottom?  The waste will drive you nuts.  But we’ve found some help!

16' Cattle Panel.  What would anybody with livestock do without 'em?

16′ Cattle Panel. What would anybody with livestock do without ’em?

We wrapped this around the exterior – firstto measure how much to cut off – for matching the top of the lower openings.  It takes heavy duty wire cutters to get the job done.


The cut panel was secured to the interior of the Hay Ring – always making sure to leave no edges or sharp cuts exposed where they could cut our cows.  When not holding the camera – I would hold the cut portions of the panel tightly against the Hay Ring while Dwayne wrapped and twisted strong aluminum wire.  Once he finished – we used a file to go over any sharp points from any cutting, etc., found anywhere.


It didn’t take long before April headed over with her curious thinking to check out the new toy!

(Left to Right) Cora and Bruce

(Left to Right) Cora and Bruce

And of course – the other two weren’t about to let her show them up.  If she had guts – they surely had some!


Bruce melts like a puppy around us!  And he thinks a round bale of hay is a toy.  We have to be really careful when we bring any around him.


But THIS is my concern.  I’m just not so sure how much of a challenge Killian may have when it comes time for him to start eating hay from one of the rings.  But we are seeing some signs of hope.  He’s grown from 32″ in height during the first week of October – to 34″ in height as of last week!

Who knows…  Our little ‘ Chondro King ‘ just might surprise us – afterall!

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