The Not-So-Easy-Bake Oven

PF Patriot - aka - " Patty "

PF Patriot – aka – ” Patty “

The Matriarch in Artist’s herd ( Don’t let her know that, okay? ) is beginning to look a bit… plump.

Pregnancies for both – Patty and Cora are coming along just nicely.

Patty - Taken on Dec. 3, 2012

Patty – Taken on Dec. 3, 2012

But I’m focusing on Miss Patty today.

I spent time getting a few shots yesterday evening.  Somehow – I was under the impression that it had been a month since I’d taken the first ‘ Preggers Shots. ‘

Maybe it’s just the adjustment to tripling the load of animal care?  I dunno.  But time seems to drag – lately.  Not that I’m complaining.  I am in no hurry for these babies to be born.  Not yet – anyway.

Taken on December 3, 2012.

Taken on December 3, 2012.

I giggle every time I get her ‘ Butt Shots!  But here’s the funny part.  Five stomachs inside a cow know how to play games with the human eye.  I’m swearing to that.

You can’t look at these girls twice and see the same shape and figure.  Everything just shifts like fault lines in the center of the earth – every time these girls flinch.

And you can move from side to side – by only a couple of inches or so – to see something completely different every time.

Is it just me, or, does anyone else see a Camel's Butt here?

Is it just me, or, does anyone else see a Camel’s Butt here?

Her butt shots do her no justice.  And I will never tell her that secret.


But my efforts to step off to the left just a tad bit for this shot…

Wow!  You can see the Preggers beginning to plump her up all over the place!  Yep – Baby Girl’s got some ‘ rounding off ‘ going on in those hips and shoulders, too!  Miss Patty is lookin’ healthy – healthy!


I got to looking at this shot while I was resizing it for posting.  Is it me – or – do you see some Bison build going on there?

Just kiddin’.  Just kiddin’!  Don’t tell her that.  Ya’ might give her some kind of complex.  She already has that ‘ bored with the world that’s too dumb for me.. ‘ attitude.


Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to get a shot of her without something in her mouth!

Okay.  Enough biting on her rib!

Honestly – Patty is a really sweet girl!  She’s a brood cow.  She comes from a life of not being handled.  She keeps her distance – yet.  But she’s warming up!

She has her routine.  She knows how to tell time.  She knows how to let me know when she needs or wants something.

Anytime I see her standing at that little 4’ gate…

I do not dare walk outside without loading my pockets with Alfalfa cubes.  And I am no longer allowed to walk to their feeder bunker alone.  She likes to walk beside me!

When I come into the pasture…

Here she comes!

I think the next 4-5 months are gonna be fun – exciting – nerve wrecking.  That’s why I chose cows.



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