Too Late! Mother Nature Has Set the Alarm Clock!

Photo Taken 2-4-2013

Photo Taken 2-4-2013

Patty is looking absolutely wonderful!  She has 8 weeks to go – according to her calculated Due Date.  And she’s beginning to show some of those ‘ maternal ’ signs.

That part about being the ‘ submissive woman ’ toward her man – she’s not having any of it right now!  No more waiting for Artist to get all his ‘ macho stroking ’ out of the way.

No more waiting for leftovers.  No more waiting for the 2-leggeds to get out of the way.  When the morning and evening meals are dished out – don’t bother calling her twice.  Half the time she’s waiting at the bunker looking toward the house.  If it weren’t for the look on her face – I’d think she could tell time.


Patty's eyes can bulge out like those fancy goldfish when she's scared!

Patty’s eyes can bulge out like those fancy goldfish when she’s scared!

No joke.  I’ve seen the girl roll her eyes at me!  And Patty can hit you with some scary eyes!


Cora - taken February 3, 2012.

Cora – taken February 3, 2012.

Cora is looking absolutely beautiful!


She's got that 'swing' to go with it, too!

She’s got that ‘swing’ to go with it, too!

And very round.  She’s giving Bruce one heck of an inferiority complex.  Baby Girl’s got Butt!

Cora’s black coat is just gorgeous!  She squared up with her loose bowels long time ago.  But she hasn’t spent enough time out in the rain to get enough of a shower to clean up.



She’s due another 10 days later than Patty – according to all the scientific data.  But we all know how those things go.  For all we know – She just might decide to get some revenge on her mother!

Little does she know – I’d be on the receiving end of that one – much more than Patty.

The days are flying by so fast.  We are green as goose poop around here – which is beginning to look a lot like a cow patty in the month of March.

Dwayne’s a bit jumpy – anxious about getting all the new pasture fencing and shelters up in time before babies show up.

And me – I’m just a wreck.

I have no doubt – I could set up the most luxurious accommodations for these 2 girls – for nothing.  Candles wouldn’t even be impressive or appreciated enough to keep the 2 of them from just plopping down wherever they stand when ‘ that moment ‘ arrives!

But we’ll go through the motions anyway.  Well – no candles.  Nope.  That’s the compromise.

I’m just not gonna do it.

I might be willing to kick in some extra Alfalfa – If I get 2 healthy babies that just make ya’ wanna kiss their little noses!

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1 Response to Too Late! Mother Nature Has Set the Alarm Clock!

  1. Queenacres says:

    I can’t wait to see the babies! I can’t imagine how anxious you are! Deep cleansing breaths….LOL


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