I Say Mother Nature Cheats at Playing Checkers

*** WARNING ***  This posting contains VERY graphic photos of pregnant cows.  Viewer discretion is advised.

Well.  I can only explain yesterday’s news as God’s decision to let our ‘ First ‘ be one we will – surely – never forget.

I always draw a line ahead of fair time with events before making a move to face situations in life.  That line was crossed during yesterday’s morning feedings with the last piece of a puzzle I was willing to accept.  I went to get my phone.  I began shooting photos.

After sending the photos in an email to our Vet – we were informed that it appears the ‘ guestimation ‘ on our 2 Girls’ Preg Checks were a bit – off.

About 8 whole weeks – off.

Anyone that knows us – or has seen photos of all we accomplished last year – is very well aware of all that we are able to set up in – 8 whole weeks.

Eight.  Whole.  Weeks.  That’s 2 whole months.  How does that happen?

We needed that time so badly!

It never fails.  You change up something.  Mother Nature changes up something – times two.  Sometimes it feels like she cheats at playing Checkers.  Ya’ know?

My supply of cookies ( Alfalfa cubes ) went low.  Our crazy schedule kept me from being able to go into town until tomorrow to replenish all our needed supplies.  So – I was stretching out the treats.  And these puppies have been a God-Send for helping Patty and Cora stabilize their bowels with needed fiber.


I saw shine in places, which I knew had to be discharge.

I saw shine in places, which I knew had to be discharge.

Cora – ( and I don’t know how she does this… ) – began another round of dingle berries decorating her tail.  But this time – something just didn’t seem to look the same as before.  I shrugged it off – at first.  I thought hair in specific places had simply managed to catch contents and – well – considered the possibility that she just got screwed this time.  But I kept an eye on things.




And then I started noticing udders on both girls beginning to re-appear.




The event that crossed the line was when I noticed – during yesterday morning’s feedings – the same thing beginning with Patty.  I’d been watching Cora for a little over a week.  But after seeing the same thing occurring with Patty – and knowing the preg checks gave the Girls only 10 days apart on Due Dates – red flags popped up.

The odd part in the equation was that the previous Vet confirmed Patty to be the one to deliver before Cora.  And this scenario does not match up with his prognosis.

Normally – these girls would have become totally pissed off and headed off elsewhere – dodging my phone.  They know the flash is coming.  They really don’t like it.  I try to shoot without flash anymore.  But it was as if both of them knew exactly what I was investigating.  And they were more than willing to assist.  These girls allowed me to get up within inches for tech shots – free hand.  No chute.  Nothing hindering.  These two Girls arrived as having been Brood Cows.

And their willingness worried me even more.

For the moment – we have set up this coming Tuesday afternoon for a Vet farm visit.  We’re hoping to go ahead and do as much of the whole ‘ Annual Once Over ‘ with everybody.

If we get that lucky – our Vet will be doing another Preg Check on the Girls to see what’s going on.

But for the time being – we were told to move both Girls into stalls.

The new pastures are not fenced and no shelters have been constructed inside them.  That was supposed to happen during these next 2 months.

Our immediate scenario – 2 Bulls – 1 Steer – 1 Heifer – 2 paddocks – 1 little yard ( as we call it ).  And the barn is about to become a Girls’ Dorm!

Hubs went in to work this morning for all the prep and the daily system-wide teleconference meeting – before heading back home around noon.  He’ll stay here to begin on prepping the stalls – while I go into town for supplies.

This experience has a chance for becoming one interesting challenge with  improvisation we’ve encountered.  And somehow – I get this feeling that Chamomile Tea is just not gonna be much help.

I think I’ll make one more stop on my way home today. 

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6 Responses to I Say Mother Nature Cheats at Playing Checkers

  1. Queenacres says:

    I’d give her raspberry leaf. Mix it in with her feed. I’d also try to get her to drink as much water as possible, the mucus looks really thick. At least they aren’t first time mamas!
    LOL, I had to do a double take on the udder picture….I’m so used to seeing only TWO teats!


  2. sccliving says:

    It is hard to tell from the photos, but you may still have awhile. Some of my girls take a good month to 6 weeks of slimy drips and filling udders before they calf. Those teats will be tight and sleek and shiny when they are ready to give birth. Good luck! I look forward to hearing how it all goes!


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