Enjoying Some Final Moments

Killian and Cora!

Killian and Cora!

The more I look at this photo taken this morning – the more precious it becomes.  This will become a very special memory for me.

This is Cora and Killian.  Mom and Son.  Cow and ( soon-to-be ) Yearling Bull.

They were one of the two Cow/Calf Pairs Dwayne and I purchased last October.  Killian was weaned from her only 2 days after arriving.  And we’ve been blessed with being able to allow them back into a paddock together after a couple months – due to all the temporary set-up we’ve had going on here until later this spring.

These last few days are very precious as we watch the two of them.  Killian had no more wishes to nurse.  He’s like a normal little boy out in the yard – wanting to run wild and wrestle around!  ( Bruce tends to take on the task to spare Cora from being worn out. )  But then we catch moments when Mom is standing above her little boy as he lays down – giving him baths.  He lays there chewing his cud – so quiet and peaceful.

Yet – at the moment this very special photo was taken…

Cora has already begun the process of preparing to deliver another calf.  The discharge has begun.  Her udder is beginning to fill.  Her backside is beginning to broaden.  And she’s become very picky about her hay – along with wanting more and more.

I’ve reached the point where I almost don’t even care if it’s a boy or girl.  I just want it to be born healthy – of course!

But for now – I’m just enjoying those last moments of watching a mom spend some time with her very first baby – before the second one arrives!

I wonder if she’ll cry – like I did – first time she looks at her first baby after this new one is born.

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