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But… Maaaaawwwm’!

” Killian!  What in the world have YOU DONE? ” ” I dunno, Mom.  It… just… fell. ” “ Killian!  Don’t fib.  It was completely full! “ “ No!  Really, Mom.  It fell.  And I’m thirsty! ” ” Killian!  Tell … Continue reading

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Jumping Off Topic Today!

I’m probably breaking every rule this morning!  Save yourself the trouble.  No.  Wait! Let me do that for you… “ I don’t even care right now! “  Ha! Hey.  I know… Let’s all just take a moment to – not … Continue reading

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The Waiting Goes Along…

There have been plenty of devilish arrows coming at us over the course of a week, from various places and situations in our life under our roof. I’ll give credit to that – as the support behind all the ebbing … Continue reading

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Gorgeous Weather Means Breaking Out the ‘ Honey-Do List ‘

We’re being warned of possible severe storms today – within the hour. But this past weekend was just packed with gorgeous weather! And its power to wake up the color of green could not have hit the mark any closer! … Continue reading

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Our Vet Came For The Annual Care

Dwayne and I went to bed last night and woke up this morning with very heavy hearts.  Lots of tears.  Dwayne even picked up the cigarettes.  I can’t blame him. Our Veterinarian was out to our place yesterday, for the … Continue reading

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Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day!  I cannot even begin to thank God enough!  Everybody was having a blast – laying out and sunbathing!  Soaking up some Vitamin D! Naturally – I had to get out there and get some … Continue reading

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Tweaking By The Hour?

We knew this day would come.  But we had our own vision of doing this out in a designated area of our hay pasture – at a later date. Just like the saying goes… “ Wanna see God laugh?  Make … Continue reading

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Growing Pains

Ahhh, Master Killian.  Yes.  Master Killian is going through another growth spurt.  In several ways. Master Killian is very proud of his recent behavior. Sadly – Master Killian has had to be confined to the ‘ Little Yard ‘ until … Continue reading

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When Winter Bites Good Demeanor

March 20th is supposed to be the first day of Spring for 2013. Somehow – I get this feeling that claim is going to transform a lot like raising kids these days – ( Just because they turn 18 or … Continue reading

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