When Winter Bites Good Demeanor

Breakfast was the only civil period of our day.

Breakfast was the only civil period of our day.

March 20th is supposed to be the first day of Spring for 2013. Somehow – I get this feeling that claim is going to transform a lot like raising kids these days – ( Just because they turn 18 or 21 and become legal for something does not mean they’re ready to be considered as being ‘ Adults ‘ ).

We had a day that felt like Mother Nature decided to get drunk. And apparently – she’s one of those that just can’t handle her booze.


Carlie must not have been drinking with her. She was her usual self. Shivers when she’s outside on the porch in 40* temps. Loves running around in snow – more fun the deeper it becomes!

But the hard part was coming from the cows. They were totally confused – and not happy about that – to say the very least. It was as if the cows had been getting drunk with Mother Nature.

" Who?  Me?  Never! "

” Who? Me? Never! “

Bruce tore into both piles of loosened hay I put out for Cora, April and him. He began storming around and challenging the Cedars like a Bull – shoving the side of his face into the ground and spinning in circles. ( smh… )

But when I tried opening the gate to let him into the other paddock to play with Artist – it was like he refused to step over some imaginary line. I gave up and shut the gate.


Cora must be one of those ‘ Lovable Drunks. You know – those guys that are always so silent and low-key when they’re sober. But the booze brings out that ‘ Lovey-Dovey ‘ in them – instead of that urge to beat somebody into next week.


Cora wanted to follow me around wherever I went in her paddock.Anti-Sociable ‘ would be a great word to describe her these days. I’ve been constantly reminding her that she can’t blame me. “ Hey!  I’m not the one that knocked you up, Girlie!

" Just keep me out of it! "

” Just keep me out of it! “

April played Low-key all day long.

Next time – I’ll get ready. ( I should have known she was warning me. )


That little …. ‘ Chondro King ‘ – Killian.

Perfect little angel – all day long – until we headed to his stall ( he knows it as his bedroom ).

I get all the way through the feeding chores to the point where I’m spreading flakes of hay out to Patty and Artist – when I hear pure Hell break loose inside Killian’s stall.

I hear all this scuffling around – banging – huffing and puffing.  I head to his stall once I figure out I’m hearing that little fart trying to take out the back wall of his stall.

The ruckus even set Artist into an uproar!

That boy had completely destroyed his stall. Bare spot in the center. Feed bowl upside down and leaning against his water bowl – which was now 2/3 empty. Hay piled against and halfway up walls.

And the only thing I can see wrong – I used the junk hay from a guy that screwed us over ( long and wild story ) to bed his stall. And I had not made it to handing out his after-supper pile of hay yet.

The temperature gauge dropped back to normal as soon as I brought the real hay to him.


We all experienced a day where it snowed all day long. Huge giant flakes for most of the time. Flurries some of the time. Sideways – half of the time.


Those white specks… no flaw in the photo. Those would be snow flakes. (smh…)

We even had pots of sunshine. And even that didn’t stop the snow. It was just one crazy day.

Attitudes are waning a bit on the thin side these days. I think we’re all getting a bit fed up with the cold – the wind – and the mud.

Even I’m ready for the clover to show up!

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