Growing Pains


Ahhh, Master Killian.  Yes.  Master Killian is going through another growth spurt.  In several ways.


Master Killian is very proud of his recent behavior.

Sadly – Master Killian has had to be confined to the ‘ Little Yard ‘ until we get the new pastures fenced.  His rambunctious Self was so excited to spend an afternoon in the ‘ Big Yard ‘ for a bit after a storm. He created a height of concern that could have – ‘ unfenced ‘ some of the hard work we’ve already done – had we not been paying close attention.

Rough-housing with Bruce became a few levels higher earlier this week.  The activity fed anxiety that spread over both paddocks – sending everyone on alert.

" Heyyyyyyyyyy! "

” Heyyyyyyyyyy! “

We draw the line at Artist raising cane and leaning on the dividing fence.  Dwayne will be hotwiring a paddock before returning to the next round of his work schedule.

So much is going on all at once.  Plenty of fodder for future posts.  But the good in this particular matter…

We’re learning little secrets about Master Killian.

One other area of the growth spurt was brought to our attention when he began flipping his food bowl and pawing at the ground.  That encouraged me to go through a mental list – which included how long it took him to finish his ration.

We added another pound – which showed us another behavior of Master Killian’s.


We now know when Master Killian is feeling quite content with a full belly.

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3 Responses to Growing Pains

  1. pioneerannie says:

    I love his name, you might be interested in an amazing woman by the name of Temple Grandin, if you have not already heard about her. She is an autistic woman who is extremely in-tune with animal behavior, especially cows. She is one of my hero’s!


  2. Thank you! Very familiar with Ms. Grandin. She was the other half of good influence that encouraged me to jump off this cliff! LOL We spoil our Dexters, I’m sure. We treat each one on an individual basis, especially during their growth. Of course, having only a handful makes it much more easy for taking that opportunity. But it gives both, my husband and I, a great deal of security in having me at the house here alone, while he commutes out of town to work. In the process – it’s been a great learning ride for us all!


  3. Queenacres says:

    Yep! Regardless of the species….gotta keep the menfolk well fed! Having some growth spurts here too….but growing out not up!


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