Tweaking By The Hour?


We knew this day would come.  But we had our own vision of doing this out in a designated area of our hay pasture – at a later date.

Just like the saying goes…

Wanna see God laugh?  Make a plan! “

Mother Nature has just refused to let go of Halloween 2012.  I am totally convinced.  What she has done with weather this winter is enough to expect a rash of adult Hens to end up being photographed with bare butts this spring.  Any of them cooped up because of this weather are bound to be heavily involved with pulling every single feather – as I type.  And I would not blame any of them.

At any rate – we all need a hero.  We need somebody willing to yank Mother Nature off her broom and send her butt to her room!  She’s got the Dogwoods too afraid to wake up!

Flexibility.  Improvisation.  Both have been exercised like never before.  Hotwire became an inclusion in Plans A La’ Revamped.  Cows needing to be moved around.  Attitudes needing to be put in check.

Lots of hot milk at night before bed.  Works as a natural sedative – and a whole lot better than Tylenolpm.  Trust me.  So does finding that ‘ Sleep ‘ button on the television remote – after having the darn thing for 6 years!  LOL


Artist knew something was up.  Yesterday was the last day he felt like sticking his nose through the webbed-wire field fencing.  It took 2 days to get it done.  Naturally – the only decent day of weather would fall on the last day of this round of days off.  Dwayne ended up calling in for a personal day to get the job finished.


Digging a trench to run the wire underground with insulation to by-pass the gate.

One of these days – my husband will begin to agree with my opinion that he underestimates the thinking and strength of Artist.  We weren’t even 2 hours beyond calling the job finished – before we had to go back in and re-rig the wire around wood post insulators.  Artist managed to snap the eyes off – which Dwayne had so confidently chosen to use instead of wrapping the wire around the wheel behind the eyes.

We now have Artist in the paddock that Bruce and Cora have been sharing.  But that puts him butted up with Killian – our other Bull residing in the ‘ Little Yard.

And of course – both Bulls are determined to test that dividing boundary!  Dwayne had to improvise on both sides – before we could even think about going to bed last night.

( More on that later. )

But at the end of that first day – there is one strong sense of security Artist found he can depend upon – once again!

Best Buds Forever!

Best Buds Forever!

He and Bruce will always conquer maintaining their BFF status with each other – no matter what side of the fence they’re residing!

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