Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day!  I cannot even begin to thank God enough!  Everybody was having a blast – laying out and sunbathing!  Soaking up some Vitamin D!

Naturally – I had to get out there and get some much-needed cleaning done.  And take photos!

They were up and around – grazing.  And then they’d all plop down elsewhere.  Sometimes together.


Miss April loves sunbathing!

Miss April loves sunbathing!

Sometimes not.



Killian was having a blast!



For some odd reason, I began humming the tune to the Adams Family Show!

For some odd reason, I began humming the tune to the Adams Family Show!

I got the biggest kick out of a particular sight yesterday that drew me over with my phone.


(L to R) - Cora - Patty - Bruce

(L to R) – Cora – Patty – Bruce

From where I was standing – it looked like Bruce was trying to ‘ spoon ‘ with Patty!  I don’t know about anyone else.  But my mind has trouble doing the math between a totally non-relative steer and a pregnant cow spooning.  It just doesn’t – feel – proper.  If anything – maybe a bull and a pregnant cow?

But there seems to be a trend developing here.  Every time I shoot pictures – we’re having to move cows around for one reason or another.  And yesterday was no exception.  In fact – it was another texting session with photos sent to our Vet.



Poor Patty was looking so miserable!  She almost looks twice her size.  And then – I realized her breathing was heavy.  She had her legs all sprawled out.  But I didn’t think much about that – because the others were doing the same – basking in all the glorious sunshine we’ve all been craving!



But she just seemed more restless than the others.  And I wanted to count that toward all her discomfort from getting so close to delivering her calf.  That is – until she laid her head down for a few seconds – before raising and swinging her head back toward her gut.

I began walking around to check her out – speaking very low and gently to her – asking her if she was feeling okay.  She watched me walk around – listening intently.

”  WARNING!  WARNING! Weak stomachs should not proceed any further!

It was as if she knew the look on my face.  Seemed like she understood when I mentioned not being able to see anything because of the way she was laying so close to Bruce.



She stood up to give me a full view.  I shot photos and texted them over to the Vet.  She says it, “ Looks like a baby may be coming soon. “  When I asked for more specifics – her answer was ‘ days.

The barn is ready.  The stall is ready.  Supplies are here.  We are already scheduled for our Vet to come out on Tuesday.  I checked on everybody before dropping dead in bed last night.

I am overwhelmed with this feeling of pure apprehension that is just – totally – surprising me.  I know I’m gonna cry like a baby when I see that very first brand new baby calf drop on our property.

And I don’t wanna do that when I’m all alone – without somebody else here to do the thinking for me!

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2 Responses to It Was a BEAUTIFUL Day!

  1. Good luck, hope it all goes smoothly, looking forward to seeing the calf!


  2. Queenacres says:

    I can’t wait! I think I’m as anxious as you are! I’ve followed your journey with anticipation since you were waiting for Artist to arrive! Wish we lived closer, I’d be there in a state of panic with you! LOL


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