Gorgeous Weather Means Breaking Out the ‘ Honey-Do List ‘


We’re being warned of possible severe storms today – within the hour. But this past weekend was just packed with gorgeous weather! And its power to wake up the color of green could not have hit the mark any closer!



The Clover is waking up – everywhere!


Killian began feeling a lot better yesterday, after his trimming and shots.

Killian began feeling a lot better yesterday, after his trimming and shots.

All our Dexters melted into content cud-chewing and naps – doing some milking from another source of their very own – Sunshine! That wonderful brightness and warmth was a very welcomed neighbor!

Dwayne was working. So I decided to take advantage of the day by cleaning the chicken coop. Starting early enough helps – as I am having to pace myself very carefully these days.



I love standing in a chicken coop right after fresh pine shavings have been spread over the floor and inside the nesting boxes! Smells so Piney Fresh!




The Girls had no complaints about my invasion of their home. They have been more than ready for the chance to break loose and roam the property earlier than 1pm – for quite some time now. I have to give them lots of credit. This crazy weather we’ve had over the past couple of months has robbed them of even a couple hours outside – for days at a time in some cases.

I save those occasions for special ‘treats’ that I take out to them. They’ve come to know they can expect something when they’re not let out. Over time – with consistency – it has calmed the ‘complainers’ down a lot.

Our annual visit with our Vet on Tuesday left a summary of issues that has given us reason to makes some changes. Since we have 3 of our cattle going to Butcher by this same time in 2014 – we’ve decided to hold off on cross-fencing our hay field.

We’ll be gaining another year of cutting and storing our own hay. You won’t hear any complaining about that from me!

This next round of days off is going to be totally booked! I’m so excited! We’ve revised some plans for paddocks – which will give us much more needed time to knock out a lot of other things on our ‘Honey-Do List’ for this year.

We’re starting on our area for re-establishing our raised-bed Vegetable Garden. We’ve already started seeds for Amish Paste Tomatoes and Black Tuscan Kale. I got my seed-savers storage container sorted. And I’ve started transposing all my dates for planting onto my computer’s calendar.

The tractor mower gets a tune-up. And I start knocking down weeds and mulching out the hay covering we’ve provided for protecting the grasses in the paddocks. We do this by choosing spots to drop square bales of hay for the cattle. The soil gets a bonus of nutrients. And we get the bonus of seed falling from the bales.

Many people have various choices when it comes to the subject of mowing paddocks and pastures. Some don’t mow. Some only mow a couple times a year – maybe. I prefer keeping our paddocks mowed at 4 inches for the better portion of the growing season.  This keeps the grasses tender and appealing for cattle.  It also encourages more growth with most species’.

But when the grass is in high gear with plenty of moisture – I have to keep it mowed at no more than 3 inches. We have this really thick wide-blade grass that grows really tight and holds moisture like a sponge – even during the driest periods of summer.

All our animals tend to develop eye allergies if I don’t keep that particular grass mowed down enough to dry. Mowing it short tends to encourage more spreading and growth. So it works in my favor with another bonus. But I do continue adding Hi-mag mineral to their rations – just in case.

Getting our taxes done is also on the list this round. We’re running a little late – compared to how soon we normally file taxes every year. This year has just been exceptionally odd. But we’ll be glad to get that off the list this week. An appointment to see my doctor is also on the agenda.

Spring is only a few days away. And I am so ready. We need some color and waking up going on around here!

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2 Responses to Gorgeous Weather Means Breaking Out the ‘ Honey-Do List ‘

  1. pioneerannie says:

    Hey I have been busy the last week here, so I may have missed a post of yours, but have you guys had any calves yet? I know you said that you thought they were getting close, just wondering how things are going. Beautiful weather! I’m green with envy! We had 5″ of snow and -25 weather on the prairies… so sick of winter!


    • Our Vet was able to check Patty, the Dun having all the discharge show up. She says she’s on target with the original due date. So, we’re still waiting for calves. *sigh…* I can wait. Trust me! LOL I’m just counting on Patty now!


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