Jumping Off Topic Today!

Planting... What?

Planting… What?

I’m probably breaking every rule this morning!  Save yourself the trouble.  No.  Wait!

Let me do that for you…

“ I don’t even care right now! “  Ha!

Hey.  I know… Let’s all just take a moment to – not care!

Now.   Take a deep breath.

Doesn’t that feel great!  Out of the way!  On to the subject.

The subject?  Jumping off the subject.

Yep.  You heard me right.  That’s what I said.

I did something yesterday, which has led to my demise this morning.  I’m jumping off the subject…

WeldrBrat's Oatmeal Cookies!

WeldrBrat’s Oatmeal Cookies!

From cows to cookies!

This dad-gum winter refusing to check out of Hotel America is getting the best of almost every one of us!

They say, “ Bullets are cheaper. “  But I tend to side with the concept of, “ Yeah, well.  Cookies just taste better, Mister! “

And when you have pressure from a demon like a nasty winter outwearing its welcome – ya’ gotta think fast!

“ Am I gonna be The Ass or The Adult in this? “

I’m choosing Cookies over Cows today!  Going Wild!  That’s how I’m burning off some of these wishes I’ve pondered over – regarding certain visions I’d love to see of Mother Nature…

Post-partum via my own hands!

I’ll just keep my bullets in my pocket – thank you, very much.

But you can have my Oatmeal Cookie Recipe!  It’s right Here !

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1 Response to Jumping Off Topic Today!

  1. Queenacres says:

    We’ve had a mild winter…but it is lingering. I’d go for cookies over cold any day! They look devine!


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