But… Maaaaawwwm’!


Killian!  What in the world have YOU DONE?


I dunno, Mom.  It… just… fell.

Killian!  Don’t fib.  It was completely full!


No!  Really, Mom.  It fell.  And I’m thirsty!

Killian!  Tell the truth.  What did you do?


Ohhhhhhhh, alright!  So.. Maybe I did a little like this.


And it fell off the blocks.  And it spilled all my water.  And so I did… lots of this.

Killian!  I can’t turn on the water.  I have to wait for the sun to warm the hoses.

But…. Maaaaawwwm’ !   I’m so thirsty!

Yes.  And You should have thought about that before you knocked the trough over, Killian!


I’m sorry, Mama.

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2 Responses to But… Maaaaawwwm’!

  1. Queenacres says:

    LOL! Yall are still having freezing temps? I’m SO glad we’re done with the cold for the year!


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