Meet Seamus!

” Seamus ” – born 6/6/2014

Dam – PF Patriot’s Cora

Sire – FF Freedom’s Artist

Well… my suspicions held correct.  We missed Cora’s Hot Heat in the month of August, 2013.  Little Seamus was born June 6, 2014… and not so little!

Cora and Seamus on the Left - April and Aon on the right.

Cora and Seamus on the Left – April and Aon on the right.

This makes for the second time we’ve witnessed Cora having rather large calves… from different Sires.  He’s only 2 days old… compared to Aon… who is already 24 days old in this photo taken on June 8,2014!

Dwayne was not able to weigh him.  But he figures he weighed about 10 more pounds than Aon, which would put him around 55lbs. at birth.  Cora birthed him outside the barn… in the little yard.  With flies coming on we chose not push our luck beyond encouraging her to relocate him to her barn stall.

We have been so surprised by his Mom!  She took absolutely no issue with Dwayne walking inside the stall and handling her calf… so he could administer the oral Bovine eColi. serum. Since then… We are allowed to love up on that baby… all we want!

Daddy meeting his 2nd son!

Daddy meeting his 2nd son!

He is so adorable!  Very long.  Very gentle.  Yet… very playful!

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