It’s No Wonder That I Avoid Video Games

Sometimes, it's not such a great idea to hide behind Mama.

Sometimes, it’s not such a great idea to hide behind Mama.

I must say… it’s been a wild year for us during this year’s spring calving season.  I thank God, for giving me the fortitude to keep records.  And every year – so far – we are learning that – the learning will never end.

And I’m okay with that.  What I’m not okay with is – a constant battle with getting my husband to understand a few things.  Two most important facts…

Cows are not airplanes.  They do not sit around waiting for parts.

Whether you have 2 cows – or – 1000… they all have a brain.  And they DO NOT all share a brain.  One brain does not come as part of the deal when you buy cattle.

And if you don’t learn how to think ahead of cows – they’re gonna learn how to laugh.  He needs to know they’ll be laughing at him.  Not me.

I prefer walking back inside the house and slamming the door.

I thank God for my willingness to be flexible with brains that depend on me to fill their water troughs and serve the hay and grain rations.  (Hubs does not drink from a water trough.)  We’re all living.  We’re all learning.  We’re all growing.  Some of us are developing into our maturity.  I’m beginning to understand the visions of a beach and a young handsome male that can’t speak English bringing ice-cold drinks with little umbrellas – mixed with lots of liquor.

And if I could shit family members to join in and help us with this prize we’re beating Hell out of ourselves to reach – we’d ALL be in our glory.  Sadly – it’s more realistic to be that Goose laying the Golden Eggs.

So far – up to this point – and according to my calendar…

PF No Foolin' April - 32 days after birthing her first calf. Photo taken June 17, 2014.

PF No Foolin’ April – 32 days after birthing her first calf. Photo taken June 17, 2014.

I am seeing that First-Time Heifers go a 30-day cycle before beginning their 21-day cycles for Hot Heat necessary for breeding.  (Thank you, Miss April.  And Artist thanks you very much, too!)

She almost looks happy about having Bling just like April!

She almost looks happy about having Bling just like April!

I am seeing that cows having their 3rd calves go right into a 21-day cycle for their Hot Heats necessary for breeding.  (And, thank you, Miss Cora – from Artist and ourselves!)

Of course it could be that cows having their 2nd calves do the same thing.  But I wasn’t paying attention enough last year.  I was a frantic MESS – dealing with “First-Time Calf Granny Syndrome.”

I’ll pay better attention after Miss April has her next calf – which we now expect around 4-14-2015!  And according to the Irish Dexter Gestational Calculator we use – Miss Cora is due to have her 4th calf around 4-25-2015!

As with all things – plans should be scratched on a board used with chalk.  But to avoid absolute disappointment – one must keep a chalkboard eraser – and be willing to use such.

Artist’s very first offspring – a bull calf – was not to be left intact.

Aon - 33 days old - Photo taken June 17, 2014

Aon – 33 days old – Photo taken June 17, 2014

Unfortunately – it became extremely obvious that Mr. Aon extracted the nasty disposition we’ve been able to trace back to his Dam’s Dam.  Among other behaviors – Mr. Aon has exhibited his utmost pride in his talents with using his right rear leg for the purpose of removing human kneecaps.

Technically – Mr. Aon weighs less than 100 lbs. at this time.  However – we never maintain interaction with any of our animals under the guise of their current weights and ages.

Our 45 lb. bull calves are considered as being 1000 lb.+ beasts from the day they are born.  And their behavior is expected to fall in proper suit with a respectable relationship of meeting in the middle with us.  Any type of physical forceful movement that would be considered violent at 1000 lbs. – is acceptable in only 1 area of our program.  The Freezer.

Mr. Aon will be reaching the goal of – our freezer.

However – we have had – yet – a wonderful ray of sunshine spread down on us this year!

Seamus - (Photo taken June 17, 2014.)

Seamus – (Photo taken June 17, 2014.)

Miss Cora’s calf – “STC Ealaiontoir’s Seamus” has had tail hairs pulled and all testing paperwork sent in to U.C. Davis.  He will be tested for Parentage – PHA – CHONDRODRYSPLASIA – COLOR – DUN – and MILK genotyping.

We have hit the nail on the head with this little boy.  Seamus is a lover!  Even through the de-horning – this gorgeous boy has maintained exhibiting the extraction of the very best of the good-natured disposition in – both – his Sire and Dam!  We are so tickled beyond belief!

Both our boys have been de-horned.  Aon was banded.  Cora and April have now been bred for 2015 calves.

Miss Cora’s Mastitis has dissipated.  We are to call Dr. Kate when it’s time to wean Seamus from Cora – so she can administer a proper assistant for drying her up after diagnosis and treatment for Mastitis.  This will help assure us of minimal – if any – issues in the future.  Cora has just become such a wonderful Herd Matriarch!  I can rub all over her and brush her.  She loves it!  I’m able to get a lead rope on her and fight with her to the chute – so far.

And – “Mama always wins!

But any further training has been shoved back on the calendar.

At this time – I am scheduled for consult with a spinal neurosurgeon – regarding issues with Vertebrae L1 thru L5.  And just as we get going into this phase of resolving my back issues…


I wake up with sprained ligaments in my left ankle – according to my doctor.  I’m telling everyone that Dwayne did it.  He’s the only one that sleeps with me.  And this doctor swears it happened.

Seriously – I began to question her abilities as a doctor as soon as she made the diagnosis.  But she spent time explaining to us how this type of injury can occur and not present itself until hours and hours later – much like whiplash and such – after a car wreck – etc..

At any rate – I’m screwed.  I’m in a splint for 2 weeks.  If I get lucky – she’ll give me the green light for moving on to the boot.  At that time I’ll begin “ABC Exercises.”  (It’s where you write the ABC’s with your toes.)  Fortunately – I still had my crutches and my boot down in the basement – from when I broke my right foot in 2003.

I’ve been warned this could take a while.  And it really sucks.  Dwayne has the full load – while having to carry on with his full-time job that has a shift schedule that rolls on the calendar.  AND – those males at work have just informed him that they’re shoving him over to Graveyards in the middle of August.

It’ll be me – the obnoxiously noisy dogs that raise hell every time a grasshopper jumps.  And “Misty” will be right beside me at all times – too – of course.

I’m just hoping I’ll be able to start wearing the boot on my foot soon.  I’ll be able to get to the garden and salvage as much as I can – hopefully.  We had to sell all our chickens to one of Dwayne’s co-workers.


Canning from our garden this year is out – as well.  But Dwayne has promised that we’ll hit the Farmer’s Markets to get enough for canning – even if we have to drive to the far north side of Knoxville.

I’m so glad we have plans for buying a place elsewhere in the future.  We’ve spent lots of time discussing what we’re looking for.  And we won’t be moving there alone – for sure.  We have special plans for that – as well – so we can follow through on our last goal – of passing our little farm down to somebody that will have earned the right to such a blessing.

All our hard work will NEVER land in the hands of greedy bankers.

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1 Response to It’s No Wonder That I Avoid Video Games

  1. dapperdoxie says:

    You have really been having “fun” with your cows huh! LOL Sounds like at least some of them are behaving really well at least. Hope you can find that place you want to move too, I totally understand wanting someone who “deserves” the gift of the place when you are through with it, we have yet to find that ourselves…least among family…although one niece MAY (and thats a BIG may at this point) change our minds, eventually if she keeps at it. Otherwise, so far, a friend is the one we have thought of leaving it to…although he doesn’t seem to need it, as his father owns enough land to share with all his kids. LOL Anyway, good luck with that heir search! :-))


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