Weaning Time… Uuuuggghhh!


The first day Aon and Seamus shared time together!

The first day Aon and Seamus shared time together!

Weaning our calves began 4 days ago.  And I’m… fairly sure we’ve managed to tick off a few neighbors.  But things could be much worse.

We could have 50 calves and Dams trying to wake the dead – instead of 2 and 2.


Photo taken 8-2-2014

Photo taken 8-2-2014

Seamus will be ready for heading to a new home by mid-October!  He is going to be a really wonderful Bull for some very lucky family.  You can read more about him right here!

Please feel free to contact me through the comments section below this posting – if you’re interested in purchasing Seamus – 0r – have any questions.  Be sure to leave your email address – so I can get back to you.  All communications will be kept private for your benefit.

Photo taken 9-12-2014

Photo taken 9-12-2014

We were hoping for the first week of October – until Cora decided to snap the middle finger of my right hand with the ring in her Control Halter, last Monday.

I remain very vigilant with showing her the slow progress of my healing.


Photo taken 9-12-2014

Photo taken 9-12-2014

My lean hopes for being able to break stride of bad habits imprinted on Aon by his Dam – April – are showing some great promise!  Aon loves to learn. He hates to be alone.  But he loves to learn!

Photo taken on 9/12/2014.

Photo taken on 9/12/2014.

He stands at the fence and takes his turn trying to scream his red head off.  But he likes to learn!

2014-9-12-aon3He learned a lot from his Mama – who continues with her guard up (in the background) – just in case anybody really is trying to murder her baby.  But did I mention – he loves learning new things?  And he learns fast!

"No, Aon.  Time to be a big boy, now.  Sorry!"

“No, Aon. Time to be a big boy, now. Sorry!”

Well.  All but the fact that his every attempt to convince Peta that we’re torturing him is mute.  It’s not working with getting me to cave in to letting him go back to his Mama – either.

But I have not endured one single kick or headbutt from him – since his first day away from April.  And the light came on for the buzzwords, “beside Granny,’ as well.  Already – we have progressed to letting Granny stand beside us while rubbing the backline.  I’ll take that as a win for the claim that he is – learning!

I know.  Even the banding won’t make a difference.  As soon as the little fart doesn’t get his way – he’ll go full throttle.  Butt in the air – both rear feet kicking like there’s no tomorrow.  And then the big turn for the hardest ram he can muster with his head!

Sadly – he just might discover how tough the barn wall is.  He’ll be too busy to see me stepping out of the line of fire.  😉


So thrilled with these two boys!  They both have the same Sire.  Their Dams are sisters – whom share the same Dam – but different Sires.

And here’s the funny part.  Both Dams are like twins.  One is the very sweetest.  One could be a direct descendent of Satan, Himself.

That’s one of the reasons why Aon (the red head) has been banded.  We’re hoping it’s just the imprint from him being April’s first calf.  If not – we’ll try pulling the next calf 3 days after it’s born, and see if that makes any difference in disposition.

If that doesn’t help…

Last full day that Aon and April spent the whole day together.

Last full day that Aon and April spent the whole day together.

Well – it just may be up to how much Aon is willing to learn – now that Granny’s got her hands on him!

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