Update on Ealaiontoir’s Seamus – Our Bull Calf for Sale

Photo taken 9-20-2014

Photo taken 9-20-2014

As of today – halter training has been going wonderful!  Seamus is learning how to behave while tied.  We are now working on smaller issues – such as standing still when told to stop walking.  One thing that’s helped quite a bit – has been to leave the bucket of cookies sitting on a fence post at the corner where we spend the least of our time.  The message we want him to understand is that the cookies come after he does what we want.

He’s now hooked on the cookies.  Now comes the time when he has to learn that they’re not feed.  He can’t just stand in front of us and charm us with his beautiful self to get a cookie.  Little by little – we’ve progressed from getting a cookie for each and every little thing he’s done on que – to accomplishing several tasks before receiving a cookie.

Eventually – the goal should be to get him learn that good boys get 3 cookies for good sessions.

He’s been learning the words – ‘Back’ – ‘Open the door’ – ‘Close the door’ – for the past few days – during training for going in and out of doorways.   I can tell he’s plugged in.  He will even step back and/or stop to give me room for opening and/or closing the barn doors and gates.  I’m now able to tell him to move ‘back’ from anywhere – for any reason.  And he moves back.  Looking for a cookie.  Of course!

But here’s the good thing about Seamus – regarding that part.  Seamus is willing to complete the task before looking for the cookie.  I’ve seen quite a few – young and old – that won’t budge until they get the cookie – or – see the cookie(S).

This tells me we have a Bull Calf that is willing to work with the handler.  He is willing to take the first step.  He is willing to trust.

Most important to follow through.  Never lie to him.  Promise a cookie.  You better follow through after he does his part.  Not easy to get all that trust back after you lie.  And you will need this more than words can say – once he’s able to knock over a John Deere Tractor Mower!

Even off the lead rope – this little guy is so sweet and wonderful.  He has no qualms about running up to you and standing beside you.  He loves for me to stand on his left or right side with my arm across his back and pat him on the opposite side.  We’re able to walk up to him and pat him while he’s laying down without him jumping up to escape.

Had to stand behind the barn door, just to get a photo of his face!  He kept coming up and nosing the camera!

Had to stand behind the barn door, just to get a photo of his face! He kept coming up and nosing the camera!

He’s even more lovable than his Daddy was at the same age.  And that’s been a shocker for us to believe.

Be sure to check out the Sale Page for more information on Seamus.  We’ve added a Contact Form on that page for those interested in taking him home!

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