Progress on the Bedroom for The Man of The House


Sometimes… the hardest work doesn’t look like you’ve done anything at all.  This is 1 of 2 posts that had to be moved today.  This particular post was a booger.  It was like trying to fit my butt into a Girdle that’s 2 sizes too small.


The whole day was assumed to be a challenge.  Getting this side wall installed and getting this gate reset – after shifting the post on its left – with a bull standing right there.

The big question was – “Will Artist let us get this accomplished without giving us problems?


Not one bit of a problem did the boy dish out.  In fact – Artist was standing about 20 feet to the left when I took this shot of Dwayne prepping strength before installing the metal sheets.  At this point – even the corral panel was shifted open from its temporary gate position.

We have such a wonderful Bull.  He amazes me.


He never came near all the chaos that went on in this corner – until we picked up all the tools and trash.


Hard to tell – with the bright sunshine.  But the fence is still running through the shelter.  We’ll be installing the back wall tomorrow.  Next will come finishing this wall.  And then we’ll pull the fence out from inside.

We’re exhausted.  Our bodies are trying to choke both of us.  Tylenol is measuring up like snake oil.  But…


We’re getting there.  And that’s what counts!

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2 Responses to Progress on the Bedroom for The Man of The House

  1. momnoa says:

    We just got started with Dexters this summer. We have loafing sheds for them, as well as large shade trees. Do you think they need a full enclosed area for the winter? (we live in MO) We don’t see many barns for animals in our area, just for keeping hay and other implements. I would love to hear what you think.


    • I think it’s all about personal choice. But I do know they need minimum protection from high winds, heavy storms, hail, etc.. We thought further ahead when we decided on the size and structure of this shelter. When we sell… future buyers will love the flexibility of use they will have. There’s enough room to divide for 2 stalls, using corral panels and gates, besides leaving 1/3 open in the front and extending the full width. Perfect for goats and sheep, as well, if future owners do not have Dexters. Tall enough in the center that we are planning on a shelf for storing a few bales of hay, too.

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