When Farming Steps on The Respect You’ve Given

I am so far from being any fan of PETA.  And I have always done my best to sit back and learn from the large farming community.  But I have also watched what’s happened to my body, despite sticking to preparing only simple – cut and dry – meat and vegetables purchased from grocery stores.

Granted.  I’m nowhere near as so many others.  But enough that I am unhappy with my situation.  And that’s enough for a reason to be pissed.

I’ve sat back and observed every view that pops on televisions – photos shared on social sites – anything showing masses of people in public places.  “Look at all the fat people.”

We are everywhere.  And NONE of us got here on our own.  If being lazy and eating like there’s no tomorrow, or, even old age were the truth – not one retail business entity would have the need to restock anything.  NOTHING would be moving on this planet.

EVERYTHING IS connected – if you care enough to take the time to do the simple math.

My only help has been to eat NOTHING and drink nothing else but water for 4 days, just to lose weight.  And my 4-foot 11-inch short 55-year-old self cares for our cattle alone, in 4-day increments, getting  help every 4 days in between.  That includes stripping barn stalls – the barn alley – climbing the ladder up to and dropping hay from the loft and stacking in the tack room – hauling 50lb. bags of feed into the tack room and dumping into storage cans.  Even dragging water hoses all around the place – mowing during the spring and summer season.

And I won’t even go into the mess about keeping up OUR entire household.  I get my daily count of steps and stretches into every day – at the very least.

When it comes to the issue of the GMO’s… my common sense is just screaming.  What I SEE happening is screaming, alongside.  And as is the constant in history around this country… it will be DECADES before anyone confesses to the truth I’m watching happen NOW.

Anybody remember the denial that went on about the Manhattan Project being real? Anybody remember the denial that went on about there being an Area 51?  Anybody remember the denial about Agent Orange?  Anybody remember the incredible atrocity that shook this country at Love Canal?

Oh, I could go on and on.  I was especially interested in that bit about how the ‘Superfund’ was ‘funded’ back then, in that report about Love Canal.  Obviously, the intentions have had some ‘changes’ made.  But too few of us will pay enough attention to win any fight for political campaign funding reform. 

Before you call me a Conspiracy Theory Nutcase – especially if you’re under the age of 45… you better make a trip to your local library.  Bottom line – it happens all the time.  It happens all over this country.  It’s gone on forever.  It’s as if Capitalism has its very own incurable case of Syphilis.  And MUCH of it has been deleted from the curriculum they’re teaching in schools today.  Guilt is the Devil to – and Greed the arms of – Capitalism.

It is what it is.

The real truths about GMO’s IN OUR FOOD CROPS WILL BE one more of those damaging cover-ups that will push up from the ground decades from now.  And I encountered a GMO supporting statement from a farmer’s wife the other night that – simply – rocked me to the core – enough that I just haven’t bothered going back.

Her denial matched with her age group – matched the age group of those that denied things I remember seeing in the news when I was a teenager, feeding the medial and social argument about the Manhattan Project.

What that farmer’s wife said has changed my life forever – far from any good way.  It took walking away from my computer… needing time to sort out my own mind to get my thoughts together.  Because above all else – the lives of my husband and I depend on wise choices for proceeding in our own lives around this whole crappy nightmare.

Our garden will be doubled next year.  Our hay field will convert to pasture for our cattle.  We will be purchasing a Jersey cow.  And we will begin eating NOTHING but the food produced on our own property.  We may not be able to go 100% sustainable on our property.  But – By God – we’re gonna make a notable difference.

That final statement made by that farmer’s wife on Twitter was…. “It’s dangerous when we attach morality to Ag.”

Making such a statement out there on Twitterverse – was like a vision of her standing out in some cornfield – speaking on behalf of all farmers.  That told me – the true interest in Ag is the quantity of production… at the expense of the health of a world full of people.  And then they wonder why Corporate America won’t pay them what they’re worth.

Apparently, they don’t seem to be interested in observing the fact that Corporate America puts a price on quality before quantity.  Let me be clear about what I just said there.  They put a price on quality first.  They want it all – for almost nothing.  However much that farmer has to harvest – in order to take care of his own family – is HIS problem, in the eyes of Corporate America.  They couldn’t care less about the farmer.

And here is where you see some solid ‘trickle down’ effect.  The farmer now could not care less about the health of the world of people it feeds.  They just wanna harvest more so they can fill their penny jar.  Oh, they claim they’re concerned about feeding the world, too.  But then – everybody has their own kind of sales pitch.  I’ve learned lately – I’m not a human being.  I’m a carrot in a Farmer’s defense.  Bottom line fact is – they’ve caved in to the GMO’s.

The fact that Corporate America bucks paying farmers more only validates my common sense.  And I wonder if farmers ever research the investment portfolios of their purchasing clients.  Would not surprise me to find they’ve all invested huge chunks into the very entities that enable them to screw the farmer… those manufacturing GMO’s.

I’ve always carried a heart watching the backs of farmers.  But the statement made with that attitude by that farmer’s wife… continuing to support famers is no different than going bankrupt from bailing your best friend out of jail every weekend.

Her words broke my heart and left me feeling totally disappointed.

You wanna bite a hand?  Rage a campaign to defend harvesting what’s in the BEST INTEREST OF THE HEALTH OF HUMAN BEINGS.  Because Corporate America could not care less about either of us.  And at the end of the day – you need us more than you realize.

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