My Yardly Pet Peeve


These are my Waders.  They carry more common sense, just standing on their own, compared to so many 2-legged brains that have entertained my cartoon sense of humor – while I have listened.

It amazes me – the fact that so many city people just cringe at the thought of going out to a farm owned by relatives – for fear of stepping into – Cow Poop.  Yet – those same 2-legged brains will buy homes in the city with little back yards – and own 5 dogs.


Did I show you my waders?

I live out here on our acreage.  Besides our Irish Dexter Cattle – we have 2 dogs and a cat.  This year – we had 23 Hens and a Rooster – until I twisted up all the tendons and ligaments in my left foot – back in August.  While they were here – they were let out of their coop every permissible morning – to run amuck – and destroy all our beautiful landscaping we accomplished in 2013.


I don’t miss the chickens.  I will never buy more than 5 hens – ever again.  And I won’t care how pissed off they get about being confined to the choice of 2 different yards either.


Take a look at my waders! I just couldn’t live without these things!


I clean cow poop inside barns and shelters every day – twice each day.  Depending on several oddball situations – there might be two or three more times.  I can step in Cow Poop all day long.  And it doesn’t bother me one least bit.

But you have NEVER seen a case of Road Rage that compares to my fury – after stepping in dog poop – with my waders.

The difference in the ‘stink’ is divided by mountains.  Any water hose can testify on behalf of Cow Poop – how much easier it washes off anything – compared to that damned dog poop.  It’s like washing off dried dirt – versus – wet clay.  And the scent of Cow Poop washes away.  But that dog poop will have you gagging like a maggot on a meat wagon – even after you’ve found – something – to scrape it off as much as you can – until the water hose succeeds.  You can walk away – and still smell that crap!  And it’ll be there tomorrow!!


Christmas is coming.  Many of you City People are preparing to get out there and join the madness in traffic – to do your Christmas shopping.  If you are a family member that has never gone out to spend time on your Relative’s farm – buy yourself a pair of Waders.  Buy a pair for everybody in your own family!


See mine!  You can find ‘em just about anywhere!  I go through a pair every year.  I don’t buy those expensive ones.  I buy the ones that cost around $25.00.  Tractor Supply – Walmart – works just fine.  The only thing I spend $100.00 or more on – for my feet – is a pair of boots that I can wear on those rare occasions when I get to escape and go be among the masses of 2-legged brains in the city.

I challenge you City People – to go out to your Relative’s farm and walk around in your own Waders!  If you refuse to do so – your Relative will have been handed every right to call you a Chicken – a Lazy Chicken at that rate.

Because at that point – they can also assume your other Phobia would be the fear of them putting you to work.  And they probably would put you to work!  But I’d bet they’d make sure you didn’t go home empty handed.  😉

You have no idea what you are missing when you’re somebody blessed to have family that lives their life everyday raising livestock – without your presence ever being seen out there – experiencing all that they are accomplishing.

Afraid you’re gonna get dirty?


Well.  That’s what they make these for!  And for washing dogs and cats.  But – anyway.  If you’re that much worried – just bring an extra set of clothes with ya’!

Worried you might get a little grease on your jeans or shirt?


Here’s my secret!  This will even remove grass stains.  I keep this down in my cabinet for the laundry area.  I keep one under the sinks in our kitchen and in our bathrooms – with old toothbrushes that I collect when I change ours out.


It’s Goop.  Mechanic’s Hand Cleaner.  And noooo – the Orange crap won’t work.  Any Mechanic will know what I’m talking about.  But you can find Goop in the Automotive Department of any store carrying one.  If nothing else – hit an Auto Parts store.

I haven’t tried it for removing dog poop.  But I haven’t tried it for removing Cow Poop either.  Water hose works just fine for Cow Poop! 😉


See what I mean?


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1 Response to My Yardly Pet Peeve

  1. momnoa says:

    Can’t live without the “mucking boots”, as we call them, on the farm. And I TOTALLY agree with you, cow poo is the only one that can be rinsed off and the odor go away. I HATE chicken poo, dog poo and cat poo (if I find it in my garden), they all leave my gagging.


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