There’s Always That One Brat in The Classroom!

Amos just has that look of a Rebel.  I think he's gonna be a handful!  Photo taken 2-7-2015.

Amos just has that look of a Rebel. I think he’s gonna be a handful! Photo taken 2-7-2015.

Dwayne chose the name for Anna’s little bull calf.    We call him ‘ Amos’.  I don’t think he realizes an apparent fetish that seems to be developing around here with names beginning with the letter ‘A’.

Artist – April – Anna – Aon – Amos….

We’re still not sure what we’re gonna do with this little guy.  We are gonna have him fully tested… before making that final decision.  He’s already started school!  And already… I can tell that he’s a very independent little fart with wonderful… selective hearing.

And all the cows say… “But Mama ALWAYS wins!

We'll be pulling tail hairs to have Amos fully tested in a couple weeks.  Curious about his short legs.  Photo taken 2-7-2015.

We’ll be pulling tail hairs to have Amos fully tested in a couple weeks. Curious about his short legs. Photo taken 2-7-2015.

He’s only had Mama’s milk.  He has not… yet… had the pleasure of… Granny’s cookies.  😉  But I do have to give Amos praise for the ‘good stuff’ that he has picked up.  When he’s laying down… I can walk right up to him and put the little lamb’s combo halter/lead on him without him even flinching.

We started from sitting in the alley of the barn.  He likes the blue canvas of my lawn chair… for some reason.  He likes to rub on it… same as he does with Anna.  We continue a routine of starting from there every morning.  And now we’ve had a few days of making our way out to the little yard for more training.

Yesterday was much better than the first couple days.  He didn’t go running out and threatening to flop around like a flounder.  And I give credit to the exercises we’ve done for developing trust.  I think he’s figured out that it doesn’t matter if we walk out with the halter on.  He’s been learning that I’ll take it off when he stands calmly out in the little yard… after we’re finished.  This little fart’s not as calm as Seamus was at that age.  And that just means that Amos isn’t the only one learning stuff here.  😉

But the one cool thing I’ve figured out is this.  Amos wasted no time speaking to this world within minutes after he was born!  And he goes through bouts of hollering at everybody when he gets to running around and throwing his hind legs in the air… playing around.  Yet… not one single peep during his training sessions.  He’s had the attention of all the other boys and girls on the property while he’s in school.  And it’s been so relaxing for me… seeing how calm all the others have been while they watch.

I am very well aware… their eyes are on me… more than Amos.  😉

Amos is already trying to grow up too fast!  Loves mimicking his Mama!  Photo taken 2-8-2015.

Amos is already trying to grow up too fast! Loves mimicking his Mama! Photo taken 2-8-2015.

We’re doing various tidbits of training on the lead-rope.  I don’t stress on focusing on any strict line-up of commands or expectations right now.  More than anything… I’m training more for familiarity.  But I pay very close attention to Amos’ reactions.

I spend a good deal of time compromising… offering lots of time with no tension on the lead-rope… allowing him to choose this and that.  And it’s me who is learning more at this point.  Amos is showing me how much he needs from me for developing trust between the two of us.

Right off the bat… typical boy… con jobs for rebellion!  I noticed him beginning to run to the teat for escape.  He figured out that I would back off if he went to nurse.  Well… I stand there… keeping the lead-rope loose.  And we’ve reached a compromise.  He’s learned that it doesn’t get my goat when he does that.  So… his hopes fail.  He’s not gonna stand there forever.  Ya’ know?!  He’s learning about my boundaries.  And he’s learned that I become assertive once he rubs his head on Anna’s belly.  That’s become my que from him.  And we move on to another exercise.

When we’re finished for the day… Amos has already learned to stand beside me when he hears, “Are you ready?”  Once he calms down… I grab the halter portion to loosen it up… saying, “Gentle.”  If he begins twisting his head and throwing a fit… we have to start over with calming down and preparing for taking off the combo.

That first photo with Amos gettin' that tongue up the nose.  LOL!  We all catch 'em, sooner or later!  Photo taken 2-7-2015.

That first photo with Amos gettin’ that tongue up the nose. LOL! We all catch ’em, sooner or later! Photo taken 2-7-2015.

We’re at the point where we’re still working on getting him to stand still as I remove the halter portion.  It’ll just take baby steps… expecting a little more from him each time.

However… Amos has reached the point where he just stands there with me after I do remove the combo.  He seems to enjoy that last bit of petting he gets from Granny before he’s cut loose to go crazy in the little yard for the whole day!

I can say Amos has championed one really big accomplishment!  He stayed consistent on all 4 quarters of Anna’s udder for the first 4 days or so… until that entire udder came on down!  Everything’s looking great!

Anna’s producing more milk than April did at this time.  Aon ended up snatching milk from Cora for the last few weeks before weaning.  We’re hoping April’s udder will do some gaining this year.  But Anna’s udder is looking really good… for a first-time Heifer!

Very happy with the Girl!

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2 Responses to There’s Always That One Brat in The Classroom!

  1. momnoa says:

    Amos is one handsome bull. I love his coloring. I enjoy hearing about your training. It helps me out, as we are hoping to have at least two calves, hopefully 4 calves this spring. They will be our first here on our farm, and the first for our heifers, as well.


    • Thank you! The white under his belly is a throw-back from his grand-dam, our Herd Sire’s Dam, whose name happens to be ‘Splash’! He would not be eligible for showing in a Dexter competition, with the white passing forward beyond his belly button, as well as the spots we found in the pits of his front quarters. Funny that both pits have the same white spots! Best of luck to you with the birth of all your expected babies!

      Liked by 1 person

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