The Dexter World – A Life of Wonder!

Welcome to a view of Three Cedars Farm – where our main focus thrives within the wonder of raising Irish Dexter Cattle!

Choosing to raise this particular breed of cattle only seemed like pure common sense for us here at our 10-acre piece of Heaven – located within sight of The Great Smoky Mountains from our front deck porch.  The genuine small size of these cattle make a perfect fit for a small farm – offering the advantage of being able to fit 2 Dexters in an area that normally holds only 1 standard-size breed of cattle.

We began our new quest on April 19, 2012 – bringing home two calves – a black steer and a red bull – one for our freezer and one to reign as our Herd Sire!  From there – we keep putting one foot in front of the other as we continue to set up the foundation for making our dream become a reality.

Feel free to venture around and explore all the fun and information we promise to share, as we go along this exciting venture chosen to be part of our ‘ Retirement Living ‘ in the future!

Expect to find lots of learning as we share our personal experiences with situations as they come up.  And we promise you – we’ll do our best to cut out all the $50 words as best we can!  And no matter what – we’ll be sure to include great details in simple terms that even little kids can understand!

4 Responses to The Dexter World – A Life of Wonder!

  1. pioneerannie says:

    Great looking animals and beautiful farm! Thanks for following me, and I look forward to listening and learning from all your endeavors.


  2. Tiny Farm Tiny Critters says:

    How big are your stalls?


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