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When Winter Bites Good Demeanor

March 20th is supposed to be the first day of Spring for 2013. Somehow – I get this feeling that claim is going to transform a lot like raising kids these days – ( Just because they turn 18 or … Continue reading

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The Boss Grants a Stay of Execution

Hubs came home the other night from work with – ” an idea. ” I thought he’d read my posting about Bruce.  But indeed – he had not done so.  However – He shared his idea.  We talked.  We came up with … Continue reading

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I’d Take on 6 Dozen of Our ” Brucey “

I woke up feeling so emotional this morning.  Maybe it was the Budweiser commercial of the new Clydesdale Foal – put together for this year’s Super Bowl. Actually – I’ve been falling apart every time I think about it, lately. … Continue reading

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