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Those Days When Conflict and Goals Take Their Punches

Over and over, I’m reading about the height margins of the Irish Dexter Cattle.  And I find myself comparing our own.  Out of curiousity – I had to go for a shot of our 2 Cows and our Herd Sire. … Continue reading

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Tweaking By The Hour?

We knew this day would come.  But we had our own vision of doing this out in a designated area of our hay pasture – at a later date. Just like the saying goes… “ Wanna see God laugh?  Make … Continue reading

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Time Flies When You’re Busy

The first 15 days of having the latest additions to our Dexter Family have been quite an experience for us. I know that a lot of people joke ( including me ) about making plans and watching God laugh. But … Continue reading

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9 Days to Go!!

Artist is growing into his Manhood – fortunate to have a creative sense of thinking for finding – just about anything – to help him burn off the frustration! But there ya’ go. If ya’ need to give anybody Hell… … Continue reading

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Halters for Dexter Cattle

Halters are an issue for Dexter Cattle. Those found in the feed stores are conformed for standard-size cattle. And they’re not exactly ‘ willing participants ‘ when it comes to adjusting down for the conformation of Dexters. You’ll hear many … Continue reading

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Ahhh, Those ‘Baby’s Firsts’ !

In the middle of all the chaos and excitement going on while preparing for our two Cow/Calf pairs to arrive – Our intended Herd Sire – FF Freedom’s Artist – woke up this morning to yet – one more surprise … Continue reading

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