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Our Vet Came For The Annual Care

Dwayne and I went to bed last night and woke up this morning with very heavy hearts.  Lots of tears.  Dwayne even picked up the cigarettes.  I can’t blame him. Our Veterinarian was out to our place yesterday, for the … Continue reading

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Tweaking By The Hour?

We knew this day would come.  But we had our own vision of doing this out in a designated area of our hay pasture – at a later date. Just like the saying goes… “ Wanna see God laugh?  Make … Continue reading

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Only 8 More Days To Go!

Change is constant – and everywhere. It’s bigger than any of us. It happens. And it never needs our permission. The effect change has in our lives has an energy that takes two directions – Good and Bad. But there’s … Continue reading

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Shopping – YES!!

We went shopping today! I love Shopping – just like any female! Oh. But. This wasn’t the kind of Shopping most females enjoy. This was my kind of shopping! ( And she’s sittin’ at her desk… Bobble headin’. ) We … Continue reading

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