My Goodness… Two Years.

So many things have filled our calendar over the past two years.  Enough that I’ll begin from the immediate, working my way backwards a bit as I go along with trying to catch up!


Our Beloved Herd Sire is for sale.  We’ve run out of space here, enough that a Bull creates a problem with being able to separate cows and calves safely.  We’ve been blessed with so many gorgeous Heifers from Artist.  He’s done such a wonderful, wonderful job here.  It just makes no sense putting him in the freezer.  We have no doubt, there is someone out there that would enjoy all the positive attributes this 5 year old Bull can bring into another herd.

His disposition is so awesome.  We have no plans for taking on another Bull as long as we’re living on this property.  But whenever we do relocate to another homestead where we do have room for one… I’m can’t help feeling a bit concerned over discovering just how much we were so blessed to have such a well-behaved Bull for our first-time experience.  Learning comes with experience.  With all we’ve learned so far, I guess I should keep remembering we’ll get past the uncertainty.

Artist gave us two gorgeous little girls this year, out of the four calves born this spring.  Both, appear to be chondro-positive.  Both have chondro-positive Dams.  And they’re absolutely adorable and lovable as all get-out!!  And yes – we are running behind on having our girls tested and registered at this time.  The past two years have thrown some hammers into our life, within the subject of health.  But we’re nearing the break in the storm, shortly!

A question was brought to our attention, regarding the amount of white on Artist’s Dam, and how much has appeared on any of his offspring.  Show standards require no white on the body of a American Dexter, beyond the udder, no further past the belly button.  Points are subtracted, for any white elsewhere.  With Artist’s offspring, we’ve had absolutely NO white show up beyond the udders.  We have one girl that does have, literally, a dime-size dot of white on the southern side of her belly button.  I’m thinking it may shrink as she matures.  But it remains safe, within the show restrictions. 😉

Please visit our Sale Page for information on Artist.  Feel free to contact us, should you have any questions!

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1 Response to My Goodness… Two Years.

  1. dapperdoxie says:

    Ahhh, 4 calves this year! Thats awesome! We’ve had a bad couple years here, lost a couple cows and one hasn’t bothered giving us babies again…so haven’t had any for over a year. Makes me so sad! :(( We had to get rid of our bull this year cause he got mean, so he went into our freezer…so need to borrow one to see if our cow would like a different one better, if not SHE will be going into our freezer too. That leaves one heifer who should be old enough to be with the bull this summer too…so hopefully she will give us a calf at least. Other than that, we will have to start over…if we can ever get money together for another cow. Won’t be this year though, as to much going out for health reasons and my parents 50th anniversary party. *sigh* Sad you have to get rid of such a nice bull…hopefully you can move to a bigger place one of these days and get another good one! Hope all is well with you all in other areas of your lives!


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