Making the Best of What You Do Have

All this rain we’re having in East Tennessee has been causing a great deal of trouble with our circumstances.  We’re not able to get out and get the hay field cross-fenced for rotational grazing.  We’re not able to get out there and plant our garden.  And all our cattle are as fed up as we are with the rain and mud.

Grass everywhere.  But you can’t mow.  Mud everywhere.  Can’t get to the grass.  Ohhhh, but wait a minute….

We have portable hotwire fencing and…

Perfect for 2  Chondro Positive Dexter Gals!

Perfect for 2 Chondro Positive Dexter Gals!


Bea and Helena are more than happy to help out!  Just perfect for our little Chondro Positive Dexter Heifers!  Feels so funny to look out of the french doors and see them grazing so close!

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