Only 12 More Days To Go!

Only 12 days to go – before our latest additions to our Dexter family arrive here at our place!

I’m becoming so excited! We’ve had brick walls try to construct themselves across our path and along the way. But we’ve chewed each one down – determined to achieve our goal!

The next round of days off will be absolute chaos and mayhem – last minute preparations for the arrival of Patty – Cora – April – and Killian!

Very helpful communications between emails with Becky, the Breeder. I woke up this morning feeling much more relaxed about concerns over behaviors. I cannot stress enough – how important the safety of each one of these animals is to us.

Patty (center) – April (Left) – Killian (Right)

We have 2 cows arriving that will be lounging next door to a young Bull that has just come into his ‘ Manly-Man Manners ‘! He’s got only one thing on his mind. And the ladies are – already pregnant.

How cold-hearted is that!?!

Cora with her calf ( Killian )

At the same time – they come with ‘ baggage from their past ‘ – I guess you could say.

PF Cora’s Killian

Another Bull Calf – not too far from walking through that door of World #2 – where all the ‘ Manly-Man Manners ‘ will be hitting him in the face!

PF No Foolin’ April

And then – there’s The Sweet Little Princess – that will not be ready for breeding until August, 2013!

Poor Artist!

Ahhh – but we are not to fear.

We are told that we can expect the mere presence of the Ladies to calm down the new Manly Beast appearing from the inside of Artist

( I won’t elaborate on the exact location. )

We can expect him to ‘ sniff ‘ the ladies. And be pleased to become acquainted socially – handed the close range for future endeavors of – serious closeness – when the time is right.

( A Gentleman is always patient. )

There could be some gentle pushing with the newest Bull Calf – perfectly normal. However – should Artist cop an attitude that goes a bit extreme – time to wean ahead of our scheduled plans.

From having absolute fear and intimidation put face to face with our best of intentions – all the way over to the far opposite of the spectrum where we find much more calmness for settling our nerves…

This is going to be an interesting ride!

Of course – every cow has a mind of its own – as does every human. Male and female – we all wake up to having good and bad days. Changing circumstances can affect our attitudes – to say the very least.

And in this case – I can only hope the good care we give all these little Darlin’s will be received well enough to leave each one feeling happy and content!

I’ll keep the updates coming!


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  1. Hi, found you in the end! I’ll have a proper read soon, it’s very late here! zzz Looking forward to some useful tips….:)


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