Stocking More Than Soup for Winter

** I’m sharing a bunch of photos today.  So – they’re posted smaller than usual.  But you can click on each photo to view more easily!


A couple days ago – we had such a wonderful opportunity to enjoy one of the most gorgeous days of this Fall season!  It was almost like a fresh Spring day.  Were it not for the colors – you’d think time was arriving to prepare for all that summer fun!

My 'Spoiled Rotten' April!

My ‘Spoiled Rotten’ April!

But I knew – as did everyone else here in East Tennessee – such is not the case.  And I knew this would – most likely – be that very last gorgeous day that our Irish Dexters would get the chance to lay out and soak up while relaxing and enjoying content as they chewed their cud.

" Anna - Anna - Anna! "  She just eats that up!

” Anna – Anna – Anna! ” She just eats that up!

I had to catch them in the middle of their joy.  I had to have pictures.  So – I captured moments while they all had breakfast!


I even felt the need to catch the bits of the chaos that I take care of by myself – when Dwayne is working.  I’ll need these later – as winter embeds itself and its frigid temperament.


The work will only become more intense.  The mess will become more than doubled.

But the wonderful thing about it all…

Aon and Seamus

Aon and Seamus

The cattle.  They pay attention.  They know – all that we do is for them.


They know Winter is coming early.  We’ve watched Artist bulk up like crazy.  Their winter coats are coming on strong.

Helena and Beatrice

Helena and Beatrice

Helena and Beatrice get all the running around – head butting and playing around done as much as they can – while they can.


They’ll huddle in the barn and in their shelter – comforted by the layers of hay.


They’ll appreciate that tolerable 40* minimum temperature of their water.

Yes - We measure out our rations!

Yes – We measure out our rations!

They’ll feel the comfort of knowing we’ll see to it that they have plenty of all they’ll need for mustering up their own body heat – without the loss of body mass.

Our Beautiful Cora!  I love the way her winter coat brings these waves to her pretty face!

Our Beautiful Cora! I love the way her winter coat brings these waves to her pretty face!

But for this day – they relish that breakfast under the morning’s warm sun rays!

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