Time Flies When You’re Busy

The first 15 days of having the latest additions to our Dexter Family have been quite an experience for us. I know that a lot of people joke ( including me ) about making plans and watching God laugh.

But in this circumstance – you outline the goal on Bungee Straps – not chain. If you can’t go into it with flexibility – you can count on going nowhere.

The very first thing I ever learned while watching Bullriding – two minds at work, but it ain’t no marriage.

Weight and strength over wishes can win before hope.  But if he learns how to outline the goal on that Bungee Strap – he just might last for that 8 seconds!

Likewise – we’ve had to make adjustments to stay on our ride.


Our hopes for leaving Bruce with Artist were not to be. We gave Bruce about a week to meld into the mix. But his aggressive disposition at the feeder bunker began to increase rather than decrease. Not a gamble we’re willing to wait out with 2 ladies carrying calves in their first trimesters. Especially after the excitment over relocating here from Missouri.

It was quite surprising to the two of us. ‘ Brucey ‘ is Mama’s Baby. And he is just that, anytime I am beside him. He will follow me anywhere. Knows I will love up on him. Knows where the line is drawn when it comes to him lovin’ back.

Mamas and babies have survived being separated and weaned. There was a lot of noise for about a week. But things seem to calm down quite a bit – once I moved the babies over to the side of the barn for feeding them their rations. Once the ladies could see they were being cared for – they seemed to calm down a lot.

It was just when things started getting quiet after that adjustment – before the noise started up again. Only this time it was Artist. He was not happy about being separated from Bruce. And neither was Bruce.

Since then – Bruce has begun hanging out more along the fence near the babies!

The scenario with Artist and the ladies has settled very comfortably! And they seem to be pretty happy about being here. This past Wednesday gave us a surprise after their evening rations. Patty provoked some playing around with Cora around the paddock. It took a while to figure out she was only playing. But after a few times of watching the gentle prods when she did touch Cora – we were shaking our heads and grinning.

These girls are bigger than Artist! Our eyes were confused. One expects to see such activity happening with calves. But this was a surprise – and a real treat!


Patty has increased her preferences for hanging out at the front fence around mealtimes and snacktimes. She also makes her way there anytime we’re outside. We get a kick out of her chatter to us. Low tone – short – varied moos.


Too bad we don’t speak the Bovine language. I’d love to know what’s on her mind!


Cora tends to remain at a distance – but constantly moving toward us. I’m not sure if the pecking order has anything to do with that or not.


But when she feels she won’t be shod by the other two – she will approach close enough to take alfalfa cubes from me.


Miss April had a scary night. And we’ve had to revert back to keeping her on the lead rope for a while.

Both babies were set up to spend their second night outside the barn in their little paddock. The door to the barn was left open – barn lights left on.

When I headed out to feed in the morning – April was in the paddock by herself. The door to the barn was closed. Found Killian inside the barn.

The Boy was surrounded ( very equally proportioned, I’ll add ) by ‘ landmines ‘ – which told me he had been in there behind a closed door for most of the night.


That also told me that April had been left all alone in the pitch black night for most of the night. And she has not been the same since. But putting her back on the lead rope – spending the same time with her – just standing around and/or letting her take me where she wanted to go – loving on her… we’re getting there!

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